Winka’s Riff: An architect known for computer-generated forms and social theory builds her first real house.
Metropolis, Aug./Sep. 2004.

Urban Studies: As the world grows more complex, designers undertake extracurricular projects to boost understanding of the changing urban environment. (PDF)
Metropolis, Aug./Sep. 2004.

A New Coat of Paint: Lithuania’s past complicates the restoration of its capital’s historic center.
Metropolis, Feb. 2004.

Antiwar Machine: Can a design for a vacation house comment seriously on international politics?
Metropolis, Aug./Sep. 2003.

The Art of Democracy: What an urban art festival in Panama City can teach Americans about freedom of speech, memory, and art in the public realm.
Metropolis, Jul. 2003.

Lay of the Land: A new map of the West Bank reveals a troubling phenomenon—urban sprawl as human rights abuse.
Metropolis, Feb. 2003.

Punk-Rock Urbanism: Joel Rash and friends built Flint, Michigan, on rock and roll.
Metropolis, Nov. 2002.

PHOTO Stephen Zacks 
Capital Idea: Can Nigeria live up to the democratic ideals inherent in its new capital city’s design?
Metropolis, Jul. 2001.

Harlem Renaissance.
The Village Voice, New York, Apr. 18, 2001.

Desert Roses: African Film Comes of Age.
The Village Voice, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Mar. 10, 2001.

Fashion Statement: A T-shirt becomes an important weapon in the war against Slobodan Milosevic.
Metropolis, Nov. 2000.

Shell Game: No one’s talking about the real reason Detroit wants casinos.
Metropolis, Oct. 2000.