Abitare: 56 Leonard Tower

A Tower Like a Toy: The new luxury residential tower block designed by Herzog & de Meuron in New York’s Tribeca district, which has something vaguely reminiscent of a children’s game about it, skilfully satisfies the complex system of rules governing the city’s property market. 

Abitare, December 2017.

"From a distance, Herzog & de Meuron’s 820-foot skyscraper pronounces orthogonal shapes onto the skyline, articulating the edges of ten penthouses and 135 condos. In New York it’s known colloquially as the Jenga tower for its stacked blocks of glass teetering on top of one another. From the 52nd floor of 56 Leonard Street, commanding views of New York City accumulate in every direction: its rivers and bridges and avenues construct larger-than-life panoramas inside floor-to-ceiling windows, and low-lying buildings miniaturize into insignificant toys."