Native Son: Oklahoma City’s Rand Elliott carves out an impressive body of work that’s deeply rooted in place and local culture.
Metropolis, Dec. 2006.

The Thrill of it All: Spectacle brings David Rockwell's zest for life to the printed page.
Metropolis, Oct. 2006.

A Caravan of Hope for the Balkans.
International Herald Tribune, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sep. 12, 2006.

A Pilgrimage Through the Balkans, Looking for Dots to Connect.
The New York Times, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Aug. 29, 2006.

The Politics of Pleasure: The Van Alen Institute’s latest exhibition is a scenic argument for the importance of recreational spaces in cities.
Metropolis, Sep. 2006.

Great Plains Urbanism: The conservative, pragmatic Midwestern city of Omaha, Nebraska, institutes one of the country’s most progressive sets of urban-design standards.
Metropolis, Sep. 2006.

The Great Divide: With a border running through the center of Nicosia—and politicians squabbling—architects and planners on the opposing sides prepare for the city’s eventual reunification.
Metropolis, Jun. 2006.

Orange Alert: Detroit artists use color to draw attention to urban blight.
Metropolis, Jun. 2006.

Museum on the Mount: New York-based architect David Hotson lands a commission for the most prominent site in Armenia.
Metropolis, Mar. 2006.

The Heart of Beirut: Developer Solidere has succeeded in restoring downtown as a meaningful public realm.
Metropolis, Mar. 2006.

Beyond Black + White: Philip Freelon built his firm from the ground up—and now he’s the go-to architect for African-American cultural commissions.
Metropolis, Feb. 2006.

The Dark Side of Architecture: A new book by Kyong Park looks for signs of rebirth in destruction.
Metropolis, Jan. 2006.