Form Follows Performance: The German architect Stefan Behnisch pushes architectural form into new energy-efficient directions.
Metropolis, Dec. 2008.

The Painted Building: For three decades Steven Holl has used watercolors—drawn each morning, before the deadlines kick in—as a springboard toward the creation of architecture.
Metropolis, Nov. 2008.

Thinking about Shrinkage: Dessau is one of several German cities testing creative solutions for urban depopulation.
Metropolis, Nov. 2008.

Whirlwind Tour: Kansas architecture students haul a prefab arts center across the state to a tornado-ravaged town.
Metropolis, Nov. 2008.

New York Condos.
Oris, 52, 2008.

The Good Life? A survey of leisure activities in New York leaves a lot to be desired—in particular, something to drink.
Metropolis, Oct. 2008.

The Affordable Housing Complex: In New York City, a new model has emerged: privately developed mixed-income projects by prominent architects that reach back into the sky.
Metropolis, Oct. 2008.

Design After Franco: Delayed by decades of civil war and dictatorship, contemporary Spanish design is now a force to be reckoned with in the international furniture-and-lighting scene.
Metropolis, Sep. 2008.

In from the Sea: Traditional fishermen in Lebanon land a custom-designed community.
Metropolis, Sep. 2008.

Experimenting with Disaster: In a battered New Orleans, the CityBuild consortium creates a process for community-based projects.
Metropolis, Sep. 2008.

PHOTO Tod Seelie
Swoon and the Sea.
Metropolismag.com, Sep. 12, 2008.

Exporting the Quad: Moore Ruble Yudell—and a handful of other top firms—is reshaping the university experience by creating, overseas, that unique American place: the college campus.
Metropolis, Jul./ Aug. 2008.

Jeanne Gang: The Art of Nesting.
Metropolis, Jun. 2008.

Forest for the Trees.
Metropolismag.com, May 28, 2008.

Home Sweet Home.
Metropolismag.com, May 2, 2008.

Made in the USA: Contrary to popular belief, American manufacturing jobs haven’t all been shipped overseas. Utilizing better design and state-of-the-art technology, the sector has actually grown.
Metropolis, Mar. 2008.

Follow the Money: With the winning bid for the Hudson Rail Yards announced, the author takes a critical look at the flawed selection process.
Metropolismag.com, Mar. 31, 2008.

Beyond the Wall: A young architect finds promise in the concrete barriers that divide Israel and Palestine.
Metropolis, Feb. 2008.

Vanishing Point: An architect best known for teaching and theory builds his first project—a Mies-inspired glass house—as a vessel for the disappearing self.
Metropolis, Jan. 2008.