Cultural capital: the ongoing regeneration of Algiers' Casbah in the Architectural Review

Cultural capital: the ongoing regeneration of Algiers' Casbah, Architectural Review, September, 2019. 

Concerns about who benefits from revitalisation and for whom the city is made, expressed forcefully by Lambert’s letter, are central questions for Algiers, as its popular uprising pushes for more change in the governing power. With policies that encourage investment from the private sector while protecting residents’ interests, the Casbah can be a model for how a country that led the era of postcolonial revolution can be equally ambitious in a time of authoritarian retrenchment, creating an open city that resonates with local customs and shares the benefits of revitalisation throughout society. Some are confident that Algerian culture can withstand the onrush of capital; it’s important to engage residents and ensure that guarantees and policy protection are put in place.