Working-Class House Conversion in Spain for Dwell

A 1960s Time Capsule in Spain Gets the Bachelor Pad Treatment
, Dwell, June 25, 2021.

In the 1960s, the city of Zaragoza nearly doubled its housing stock to accommodate an expanding industrial work force. In the La Jota neighborhood specifically, single-family homes were built cheaply and quickly. When Alonso Zgz purchased one with the intention of renovating, its only adornments were a terra-cotta roof and simple curling brackets beneath the cornice.

But its characteristic simplicity is what attracted Alonso, a bachelor working in the pharmaceutical industry. When looking for a new home, he sought privacy, and something timeworn, but also an opportunity to demonstrate modern style within the shell of an old building. "For me, buildings and cities are elements that are alive," Alonso says. "It was important that the house had that patina, those traces from the past."