Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced Bangalore home by Taliesyn Architecture in Dwell

A Ribbon of Red Seating Ties Together a Sublime Concrete Home in India: A Bangalore couple build a simple, sustainable getaway in the city’s relaxed, leafy south side so that they can spend weekends close to their parents. Dwell, Apr. 3, 2023. 

Microblogging entrepreneur Aprameya Radhakrishna and nutrition and health coach Parinita Narain live in central Bangalore with their young child, across the city from the Jaynagar neighborhood where they were born and raised. A few years ago, they acquired a 3,800-square-foot lot in the south Bangalore locale with the aim of building a home where they could spend weekends closer to family—and they called upon childhood friend Shalini Chandrashekar of Taliesyn Architecture to design a small, cabin-like retreat.

The double-height, glazed entrance framed with sustainably harvested ash wood makes a grand statement, but the home’s style otherwise exhibits a spare, minimalist restraint worthy of the name Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright estate that serves as a namesake for Chandrashekar’s firm, founded in 2010 with G. S. Mahaboob Basha.

"We were initially very influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright and the nuances that he brings into spaces—especially the attention to detail," says Chandrashekar. "He used very clean lines, and he paid a lot of attention to natural resources. We drew from what he did and tried to bring in our own take on his architecture."

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